About Cara Mooney

For those of you who don't know me from my old blogger days, my name is Cara Mooney and EverImagine.net is my personal portfolio. By day, I am a college student with a dual major in Psychology and Spanish, and double minoring in Global Studies and Music Performance (violin). By night, I am an artist and photographer, and designer, among many other things.

I have dabbled in many areas, having practiced everything from traditional mediums like graphite, charcoal and oil paint to basket weaving and calligraphy. I also enjoy digital art, and have managed to make a smooth transition into digital photography, graphic and website design.

Photography and digital art have become my main focus over the last few years (also, dorm rooms leave little space to break out the messy paints!). I am a travel enthusiast, and have had the wonderful opportunity to travel extensively, which I've documented in full 300dpi.

I also run my own freelance website design and development business: Cara Mooney Designs. If you are interested, please feel free to make an inquiry and get a free project estimate. You can also find my business on Facebook.

Cara Mooney

The Design

This has been over a two-year long project of mine. After letting EverImagine.net fall to the wayside, I finally created a new design, which featured an owl vector made in Illustrator with slow-scrolling scripted pages. It was a distant change from my original design that was the last design EverImagine.net had as a blog back in 2010.

Unfortunately, as school set in, I had little free time to deal with it. After much deliberation, I finally set that design aside. This design is simple with grey-scaled photographs, allowing the focus to remain on the artwork in my portfolio.


I got involved in online world back in 2004 with Proboards forums. Not long after, I moved to Webs.com to create my first "website". I was still very new to the whole online thing, using site builders and eventually HTML templates. In subsequent years, I moved to a subdomain (Silver Reverie) and started creating my own website designs. In 2009, I won everimagine.net in a contest (my first TLD). It was your "typical" website; I used this website to store my artwork, writing, and ramblings. There was a large online community surrounding it. If you remember me from old blogger-sphere, welcome! It evolved into a silly blog, which expanded perilously into a tutorial, resource, website reviews, graphic design, writing hub.

In the last year of high school, I decided to remake my whole online presence and make the move from an immature and very "young" website to a more professional design. I stripped EverImagine.net of all it used to be, recreating it into my personal portfolio. I purchased a number of top level domains for my website design business, and my photography. If you have come here from an old link-back, this is what has happened to the website you used to know.



Linkable Banners

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